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User’s dilemma: Case

Issues with variation and efficiency

We manufacture and sell compound semiconductors.
One of the manufacturing processes for compound semiconductors is resin molding. This involves pouring blended, mixed, and defoamed resin into semiconductor packages, and then hardening it in an electric furnace.
In the past, we manually mixed resin using a spatula and then defoamed it by using a decompression defoaming machine. However, this method was not suitable for high-viscosity resin that tended to be used for products under development, and had three major problems:
1. Variations easily occur in the manual mixing of resin, making uniform mixing difficult.
2. A decompression defoaming machine takes several tens of minutes to hours to defoam high-viscosity resin, adversely affecting efficiency.
3. A decompression defoaming machine needs to be manually switched between vacuum and air to break foam, so it is necessary to keep an eye on the machine for adjustment.
It was an urgent task for us to solve these problems in order to promote business.

The solution? Thinky!

Mixing uniformity is stabilized while working hours are reduced greatly

Mixing uniformity is stabilized while working hours are reduced greatly
When we were making efforts to solve these problems, one of our staff was given a product brochure at an exhibition. Thinking that the product could solve our problems, we contacted THINKY. At first, some of us had doubts about the product, but we decided to try it out once, and borrowed and evaluated a demonstration machine. The THINKY MIXER was able to solve all the three problems, and so we purchased THINKY MIXER ARV-310 (vacuum).

1. Mixing uniformity has been stabilized, and worker-related variations have been eliminated.
2. Defoaming time for high-viscosity resin has been markedly reduced to about 10 minutes.
3. It has become unnecessary to keep an eye on the machine for adjustment during defoaming.

THINKY MIXER ARV-310 (vacuum) prevents air bubbles from overflowing, thereby eliminating the need for constant observation.
Also, it has a memory function that saves the operating conditions for each material, allowing everyone to reperform defoaming at the same quality level by simply reading the memory for operation. Moreover, it has enabled workers to do other tasks during defoaming, improving efficiency.

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Thinky Mixer Examples