Highly competitive mixer for price wise. high durability, High reproducibility, for simultaneous processing of mixing, dispersing and deaeration of low-mid viscosity materials.

310 g

・Highly competitive price.

・Supports a wide range of materials, especially low-mid viscosity materials.

・Cold-insulated, heat-resistant adapter enables support of various material characteristics.

・Wide variety of adapters for using various containers.

・Memory and step-operation functions for controlling operating conditions.

・CE certified model is available.



ARM-310 is designed for use with 300ml HDPE containers which also are the dedicated containers for THINKY’s standard mixers ARE-310 and ARE-250CE.
Also, the specifications such as rotation speed, time and number of recipes are the same among the three models.

Despite its low price, ARM-310 has the same performance as ARE-310 or ARE-250CE, especially for mix and deaeration of low-viscosity to medium-viscosity materials.

If you are having trouble with your budget to purchase ARE-310 or ARE-250CE, ARM-310 might be a perfect alternative. ARM-310 is like ARE-310/ARE-250CE without “Defoaming Mode.”

Our distributor in each country owns ARE-310 or ARE-250CE demo machines, so you can evaluate the performance of ARM-310 by using them without Defoaming Mode.
Please consult with the distributor in your country for a demo before considering competing products as we are sure that ARM-310 would give you fully satisfactory results.

Model ARM-310
Maximum Capacity 310 g
*1:Total mass to mount on the cup holder, including materials, containers, and adapters.
Standard Container*2 300 ml resin container
*2:Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.
Power Supply Voltage : Single-phase AC 120 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz Power consumption : Approx. 50 VA (standby), Max. 900 VA(operation)
Unit Dimensions H390 × W300 × D340(mm)
Unit weight Approx. 21kg
Accessories Instruction Manual × 1, AC cable (including 3P adapter) × 1, HDPE 300 ml container × 3 pcs, 150 ml container × 1 pc, Adapter for 150 ml container × 1 pc (including 1 rubber ring), Key to unlock door during power failure (unit rear) × 1
Option Exhaust heat table, Model : ENs-10
Multi-Sensor, Model : MS-150ML / MS-300ML

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*CE Certified model available