The next-generation, world-standard model, a step further from the flagship model, makes its debut.
Maximizes the ability of all advanced materials to support the development of top-runner cutting-edge technologies.

310 g

・Improved mixing power and defoaming power

・Suppresses the temperature rise of the main unit and allows temperature measurement inside the device

・Communication function supports traceability and control from external devices

・CE certified model (EN61010-1; 2010+A1:2019)

・Long-term operation is possible even with highly loaded materials (maximum operation time 30 minutes)

・Improved safety with the addition of an impact sensor



The ARE-312 is the top runner of small-scale non vacuum mixers that combines the best of THINKY’s current technologies and is packaged with full safety assurance.

The ARE-312 successfully improves on the specifications of the ARE-310/ARE-250CE flagship models in terms of both mixing and defoaming power.The ARE-312 reduces heat transfer to the target material to the utmost limit by suppressing the heat generation of the equipment, which greatly contributes to the challenge of continuous operation, etc.

The multi-sensor option, which enables measurement of material temperature during mixing, which cannot be ignored when setting recipes, has improved compatibility and allows more user-friendly control via PC.

To get a feel for the capabilities of this high-performance compact atmospheric mixer developed with safety as a top priority, please consult your local distributor and evaluate its performance on a demonstration unit. The ARE-312 is increasingly likely to yield completely satisfactory results.

Model ARE-312
Maximum Capacity 310 g
*1:Total mass to mount on the cup holder, including materials, containers, and adapters.
Standard Container*2 300 ml resin container
*2:Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.
Power Supply Voltage : Single-phase AC 100 V to 230V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption : Approx. 50 VA (standby), Max. 900 VA(operation)
Unit Dimensions H390 × W300 × D340(mm)
Unit weight Approx. 21kg
Accessories Instruction Manual × 1, Quick Start Guide x 1, Communication Specifications manual x 1, AC cable × 1, HDPE 300 ml container × 3 pcs, 150 ml container × 1 pc, Adapter for 150 ml container × 1 pc (including 1 rubber ring), Door lock release key (Allen wrench) x 1
Option Multi-Sensor, Model : MS-150ML / MS-300ML

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*CE Certified model available