Use of the website

Use of the website

This website is operated by Thinky Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Thinky). Before you use this website, please confirm the conditions of use specified below and proceed only if you agree to the conditions. Noted that using this website implies that you have agreed to all the conditions.
Thinky permits users to display and view this website on the monitor of their computer and to download, print out, and use what is displayed on the screen for nonprofit and personal purposes.

Copyrights and other rights

Copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights of the content of this website (such as information, trademarks, logotypes, and designs) belong to Thinky (or original authors and other rights holders). Their reproduction, change, modification, reprinting, or distribution beyond private purposes or the range explicitly approved by law without prior written approval or their use for commercial purposes are all prohibited.
Even if you use or otherwise handle personal information with the prior written consent of Thinky, approval will be withdrawn if you fail to follow the instructions on the methods of use, the indication of copyright, and the like. If personal information includes portraits or the works and trademarks of third parties, Thinky may refuse the use of such information.

Information on the products posted, etc.

The types and specifications of products and their other characteristics may vary depending on the countries where they are sold. Their specifications and other features are subject to change without notice for product improvement.
Thinky’s products and related technologies may fall into the list of control cargo/technologies in accordance with the provisions of laws such as the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. They may also fall under catch-all control cargo or technologies depending on their countries of destination or users. If they are subject to either of the two controls, the prior permission of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is required, except in instances in which the special case of permission not being required is applied.
For details, please refer to the inquiry page or contact the customer consulting office at 0120-660-318.

Cookies, etc.

Thinky’s website uses cookies, IP addresses, and other technologies for purposes such as increasing the convenience of users, enhancing its quality by statistically analyzing the history of the website’s use, efficient placement of advertisements, preventing unauthorized access, and identifying the causes of server failures to enable recovery. Cookies and IP address information do not enable identification of particular users.
When you visit Thinky’s website, you can inactivate the functions of cookies by appropriately adjusting your browser settings. It should be noted, however, that if you do so, you may be unable to use some of the services offered at the website.
* Cookies refer to small sets of data transmitted by the website to the equipment you use (such as PCs and mobile phone sets) through the browser.
* IP addresses are the identification numbers assigned to equipment (such as PCs, mobile phone sets, and Web servers) connected to the Internet. They enable data communication between the equipment you use and Thinky’s website server.

Access logs

If you have registered your personal information with Thinky in advance, Thinky may record and refer to information on your accesses to the website and on whether you open some of the emails distributed. Such information is recorded as access logs and includes the IP address, type of browser and operating system, Internet service provider, pages visited, URL of websites visited immediately before, date and time, and the like. Thinky appropriately handle these access logs as part of the personal information Thinky manages in accordance with our privacy policy.
If you do not agree to such use, you can opt out as instructed in the email distributed or on the inquiry page.


Thinky does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided at the website or the safety of the website (such as uninterrupted operation, freedom from errors, and the absence of harmful objects at the website and in the server, including computer viruses).
Thinky may change the information at the website or suspend or discontinue the operation of the website without notice. Thinky assumes no responsibility for the damage caused by such changes, suspension, or discontinuation.

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