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Message from the President

The Revolutionary Rotation-Revolution System Has Made Us the World’s No. 1 Mixer Engineering Company

Everyone who sees it for the first time says, “Unbelievable”

We were the first company to succeed in developing a planetary centrifugal mixer that has no stirring blade. Today, stirring bladeless planetary centrifugal mixers are widely used in a number of fields, including aerospace, advanced chemicals, semiconductor development, adhesive materials, and next-generation material development, and by companies, universities, and research institutes around the world. Our mixers can even mix materials with viscosity as high as one million centipoise in just a few minutes while deaerating them simultaneously, demonstrating stellar performance.

Rewriting industry rules

We have rewritten one industry rule after another in various industrial fields by offering planetary centrifugal mixers up until today. To cite an example, we have made it possible to mix ointments, which has been the most difficult task at dispensing pharmacies, in just 30 seconds. We have succeeded in mixing together a great many materials that have previously been considered unmixable. We will continue to address the challenge of accomplishing what various industries say cannot be done.

The world’s No. 1 mixer manufacturing and engineering company

I am pleased to announce that our planetary centrifugal mixers have earned global acclaim as the only mixers that can simultaneously mix and deaerate. There is still a lot of work for us to do that goes beyond mixers in such areas as solution engineering of mixing process, and in the technological development of mixing cutting-edge materials.

代表取締役 石井青志
Seiji Ishii, President