Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

Guiding Principles

Thinky Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Thinky) recognizes the importance of matters related to personal information and privacy (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information) and strives to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations and implement the policy set forth below to collect and use Personal Information appropriately and manage it safely.

Basic Policy

To manage Personal Information appropriately, Thinky has established regulations to protect such information, and all Thinky employees must observe these regulations.

1. Collection of Personal Information

Thinky specifies the purpose of using Personal Information at the time of its collection and lawfully and appropriately obtains it within the range required to achieve the stated purpose.

2. Use of Personal Information

Thinky uses the Personal Information obtained only within the range of specified purposes of use and has formulated regulations to manage it appropriately and conforms to these regulations.

3. Joint use of Personal Information with third parties

Upon obtaining the consent of Personal Information holders, Thinky may consign all or part of the handling of Personal Information to third parties within the range required to achieve the specified purposes of use. Thinky will not provide Personal Information to third parties unless it is necessary to do so to protect the life, body, and property of its holders regardless of whether consent is obtained, or unless there is a legally justifiable reason for doing so.

4. Management of Personal Information

To prevent inappropriate practices such as unauthorized access to Personal Information as well as its loss, falsification, and leakage and damage, Thinky shall manage Personal Information properly in accordance with the purposes of its use and take appropriate information security measures as required. Thinky will also provide employees with necessary training so that said employees recognize the importance of Personal Information and handle it appropriately.

5. Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of Personal Information

If the holder of Personal Information Thinky manages requests its disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or discontinuation of use, Thinky shall respond appropriately to such a request after confirming the authenticity of the request.

6. Continuous improvement

Thinky will continuously review the appropriate measures for protecting Personal Information as required, improve the way Personal Information is managed, and maintain an adequate safety management system.

Established on December 1, 2006
Revised on June 13, 2018
Shigeharu Ishii, President
Thinky Corporation