About us

Why do customers choose our products?

  • A wide array of applications

    We offer solutions that meet a wide variety of customer requirements based on know-how acquired over the years. A great many customers in a wide range of industries from electrical and electronic parts and semiconductors to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and to cosmetics and aerospace, have expressed approval of our products. Furthermore, we work on highly challenging technical issues attributable to composite materials and nanomaterials with a view to developing new technology from a long-term perspective as well.

  • A track record of deploying more than 30 thousand units in 56 countries

    The cumulative number of units that have been deployed in 56 countries around the world over 30 years has topped 33,000. Our solutions have been adopted in an extensive range of situations. Companies, universities, and research institutes have utilized our products to promote research and development on materials; mass production facilities have used them as a tool for preparing parts/materials; and quality control departments have deployed them in making inspection samples and customizing cosmetics and prescription drugs.

  • Several thousands of adaptors available and flexible response guaranteed

    It is said that a number of containers are available for each application. In order to obtain the best possible result, it is critically important to use the most appropriate adaptor. We offer adaptors with additional functions including those that hold a container securely so that optimum power can be conveyed to materials, and those that feature cold or heat insulation and heat resistance so that performance can be maximized.

  • Thorough support system

    We also accept evaluation tests and recipe consultations in the application lab so that you can use various materials and conditions even after purchase. (*We accept some charges) With know-how accumulated over 30 years, we will work together with customers to solve technical problems and support the creation of customer results.