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Complete mixing of oil-based clay

January 30, 2018|Topic

Complete mixing of oil-based clay

1. Have you ever seen an example of oil-based clay mixing in the THINKY MIXER catalog?

Clay mixing in catalog

We have been asked by customers, “Is this picture of mixing clay real?” To clear up such doubts, I tried to record the process of mixing oil-based clay in detail.

Video here

What is being used is oil-based clay called “modeling clay”. I put 100 g each of red and white clay into a 300-mL container and started mixing at 2000 rpm.

Clay mixing preparation

2. Please watch the details of the experiment.

After mixing for 30 seconds. When viewed from the top, we can see that white clay is rising slowly but steadily from the bottom. The side still keeps its two-tone color structure. However, when viewing the cross section, we can see that the clay has already started to swirl inside.

after mixing for 30 sec.

After 40 seconds. The side appears like marbled meat containing a large amount of fat. The cross section shows an advanced spiral structure.
after mixing for 40 sec

After 50 seconds. The outside is pure white! The cross section shows that the spiral structure is undergoing delicate changes little by little.
after mixing for 50 sec

After 60 seconds. A swirl appears on top.
after mixing for 60 sec

After 70 seconds. The mixing has advanced a lot.
after mixing for 70 sec

After 80 seconds. At this stage, the mixing seems complete when viewed from the outside. The cross section shows that mixing is almost complete.
after mixing for 80 sec

After 90 seconds. A perfect mixture!
after mixing for 90 sec

I cut the mixed clay vertically in half and then horizontally to obtain thin slices. In the following, I display the slices side by side, which look like bacon or ham.
slices side by side

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