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Solder pastes

Lead-free solder used for screen printing on a mounting board. Restore from the refrigerated state to room temperature and stir well until it has uniform viscosity before use.

Solder pastes

Material Solder pastes
Capacity 500g
Unit THINKY MIXER(Non Vacuum)Solder Paste Mixer
Operation time setting 2000rpm 30sec 
Compounding ratio Sn/Ag/Bi
Material Viscosity 200 Pa・s

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Supported products

Solder Paste Mixer SR-500

・Can immediately prepare cold stored solder paste without bringing it back to room temperature
・By optimizing the mixing recipe, viscosity preparation and temperature preparation for solder paste is easy.
・Removes large air bubbles in the paste, which are considered the cause of solder paste defects.
・Handles commercial 500g solder paste containers as is
・Restirs and redisperses solder paste that has been used
・Supports solder paste in syringes by using the optional adapter


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