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Realization of time savings, quality improvement, blank beating resolution, and yield increase

User’s dilemma: Case

To both our company and our clients · · · double challenges

Our company manufactures and sells a wide variety of adhesives.
In conductive adhesives, one of our main products, the mixing and dispersion of air bubbles is an extremely critical factor. Because a metal filler, such as silver, is used with various kinds of resins, precipitation and separation of the filler are likely to occur. This has posed a serious problem in the efficiency improvement of the manufacturing process, during which sufficient dispersibility should be maintained.
In addition, it has been necessary for our clients themselves to redisperse the metal filler and establish the appropriate conditions for the conductive adhesives immediately before use. We have been searching for a solution to this problem. For example, some quartz resonator manufacturers perform manual mixing when using our conductive adhesives, but this has resulted in the following problems: (1) The conductivity of the adhesive joint between the quartz and the terminal fluctuates considerably. (2) Air bubbles taken into the joint cause blank beating. (3) Clogging of needles due to insufficient dispersion causes defective products, leading to yield deterioration.
We have been looking for ways to solve these problems related to conductive adhesives, which arise during the manufacturing process and during actual use by our clients.

The solution? Thinky!

Improvement in time savings, quality, conductivity, and blank beating

On one occasion, our company learned about THINKY MIXER and installed its vacuum-type machine (ARV-310), which features a defoaming function that is the most powerful of the two types available.
By using this machine, excellent dispersive power and defoaming effect were achieved in only approximately 30 seconds. This machine also made it possible for us to manufacture conductive adhesives containing uniformly dispersed metal filler without air bubbles (including very fine bubbles).
THINKY MIXER is also useful for redispersing adhesives immediately before their actual use. Therefore, our company recommended the machine to one of our clients, a quartz oscillator manufacturer. Conductivity fluctuations and blank beating showed marked improvement, providing the manufacturer with substantial yield increase. Since then, more machines have been installed by the manufacturer.
THINKY MIXER has provided excellent results to both our company and our clients.

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Thinky Mixer Examples