Evenly dispersed materials fed without bubbles

User’s dilemma: Case

Supplying high-quality, high-viscosity glass paste in a short period

We produce glass paste that is widely used for sealing, coating, or insulation of various electronic components, and supply it to electronic device manufacturers.
As more and more devices are being widely used, there is a growing demand for a speedy supply of even higher quality samples.

Glass paste has quite high viscosity, so we have to mix it with a propeller mixer for five hours and then defoam with a vacuum defoaming machine for about 30 minutes. After that, we transfer the paste into customer-specified small-volume syringes before shipment. It is a time-consuming, complex task to transfer high-viscosity paste into small-diameter, long, and thin syringes.
It is also difficult to remove bubbles that are formed while the paste is being transferred into the syringe, so we need to take great care. Filling multiple syringes must be done quickly; otherwise, high-density glass particles will sediment, resulting in variations in material quality between syringes filled first and those filled last. Samples with variations cannot meet customers’ needs, so sometimes, we have to produce new paste again.

We recognize the need to review our manufacturing process in order to meet customers’ requirements—turnaround time reduction and high quality—at the same time.

The solution? Thinky!

Mixing and defoaming without variations, and effortless syringe filling

At first, we reviewed the procedures and the devices for each process, but were unable to achieve satisfactory results. Under such circumstances, several of our staff members happened to find THINKY Corporation’s booth with an advertisement saying “Streamline the overall process from mixing and defoaming to syringe filling” at an exhibition.

We were given explanations, and became confident that the combination of two products, a planetary centrifugal vacuum THINKY MIXER and a syringe filling machine, would solve our problems. We requested a demonstration, and brought several materials to THINKY Corporation’s laboratory.

Using THINKY MIXER ARV-310 (vacuum), we were able to uniformly disperse high-density glass particles in high-viscosity resin, as well as to defoam. We were also able to remove even fine bubbles that were difficult to eliminate by means of a conventional vacuum defoaming process, and spent only a few minutes completing processes that usually took us half a day or longer.
In addition, the syringe filling machine ARC-40H could hold four syringes, and allowed us to fill syringes without generating bubbles or causing variations. It offered much higher quality than manual filling, convincing us that it would meet customers’ requirements. We are now capable of supplying high-quality samples in a short time, so we are considering introducing more THINKY devices.

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