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Measurement accuracy improved by removing bubbles

User’s dilemma: Case

Defoaming high-transparency silicone for 3D printers

We produce artificial silicone organs and blood vessels with a 3D printer, and use them for our research on blood flow in actual organs to improve surgical precision. It is necessary to make them out of high-transparency silicone so that the internal structures can be seen clearly.

We used to put silicone intended for 3D printers in a vacuum chamber to defoam. However, this task required a lot of time because silicone tended to overflow in the vacuum chamber. We therefore were looking for a new approach to address this issue.

We also had the problem that when the artificial organs we produced were evaluated or observed, laser light diffused inside the organs, significantly reducing measurement accuracy and making it difficult to carry out objective evaluations.

The solution? Thinky!

A vacuum mixer removes submicron bubbles

When we were searching the Internet, wondering if we would be able to produce ideal artificial organs without much effort or time, we found THINKY Corporation’s THINKY MIXER. We decided to borrow a demonstration machine and try it out.

The company said THINKY MIXER ARV-310 (vacuum) could remove submicron bubbles, so we used it to prepare silicone.
We noticed that the transparency of silicone was dramatically improved compared to silicone obtained from a conventional defoaming process. We used the silicone immediately to prepare prototype artificial organs with a 3D printer, and as a result, we were able to produce high-transparency organs where laser light diffusion was significantly reduced.

About 30 researchers are involved in this research. After the introduction of THINKY MIXER ARV-310 (vacuum), they use it almost every day. On days when it is frequently used, three to four people wait in line for it.
We will continue to produce high-quality artificial organs with the THINKY MIXER, and hope that our research and development will be able to help more patients.

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Thinky Mixer Examples