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Functionality improved without cutting fibers

User’s dilemma: Case

Mixing with a propeller mixer unnecessarily cuts fibers into pieces

We are conducting research of a unique radio wave absorbing wall material. This wall material is used in specially shielded rooms, such as an electromagnetically shielded room. Special carbon fibers mixed in the wall material prevent reflection of radio waves by the walls, making it possible to collect only weak electromagnetic waves emitted by verification equipment.
In the past, we used conventional propeller mixers to mix carbon fibers, but carbon fibers were unnecessarily cut into pieces due to the shear force of the propellers, regardless of how we operated the mixers.
Failure to maintain fibrousness decreased the material’s ability to absorb radio waves, making it impossible to achieve the expected performance. Therefore, we needed to find a mixing method that does not reduce the fibrousness of material.

The solution? Thinky!

Ensuring safe mixing in a closed container without reducing fibrousness

When we were looking for a mixer suitable for research, we found an advertisement for THINKY MIXER claiming it can mix materials without changing their properties. We contacted the company immediately and were told that demonstrations were available using actual materials, so we had a demonstration scheduled at the earliest possible date.

We tried out the THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum) immediately, and found that the operating time was only three minutes. We were surprised that the carbon fibers were not cut into pieces while mixing, thanks to the fact that THINKY MIXER ARE-310 uses no propellers.
In addition, we were impressed that since the carbon fibers were kept in a closed container while being processed, the fibers did not scatter, thereby ensuring safety. We told the ideal mixing conditions to THINKY’s technical staff, and after conducting several experiments, found the optimal recipe.

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Thinky Mixer Examples