Simultaneous dispersion and defoaming! Reduced sedimentation and separation of particles

User’s dilemma: Case

Insufficient mixing and defoaming by manual mixing and vacuum defoaming machine

Our company develops and commercializes LED phosphor. We mix phosphor with epoxy resin and silicone resin in the sealing process. We used to manually mix them for about ten minutes, and then defoam by using a vacuum defoaming machine.
Manual mixing varied depending on the mixing conditions of workers, so it could not ensure a uniform dispersion of phosphor.
In addition, when defoaming was carried out with a vacuum defoaming machine, the material tended to overflow, so it was necessary to keep an eye on the machine. This was why we had trouble properly removing foam, and the process took time.
We also needed to improve our mixing and defoaming methods because phosphor sedimented or separated in a vacuum defoaming machine, due in part to the low viscosity of resin.

The solution? Thinky!

A dedicated mixer for LED produces ideal results

When we were looking for a mixer suitable for the materials, we found an advertisement for THINKY MIXER ARV-310LED (vacuum). The word “LED” in the product name attracted our attention, and we requested a demonstration.

Most members of our development team were present at the demonstration, and were surprised at the results. We thought “This would work!” The machine mixed and defoamed materials simultaneously, reducing labor significantly. Furthermore, it produced an excellent finish.

In the demonstration, evaluations were carried out under multiple material conditions, and finally, we decided to purchase THINKY MIXER ARV-310LED. In the evaluation process, THINKY Corporation provided technical support, which was very helpful.

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