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Mixing 30 colors a day achieved with inks having different densities, viscosities, and material properties

User’s dilemma: Case

Various issues with ink mixing involving many types of materials

We are an ink manufacturer and create color samples by blending inks of multiple colors. We used to have various issues with mixing techniques, material waste, and efficiency.
It was very difficult to simultaneously and evenly mix multiple types of materials. We had difficulty ensuring stable blending because density, viscosity, and material properties vary with ink color. Conventional methods, such as manual mixing and propeller mixing, caused uneven mixing or lumps, or generated bubbles in high-viscosity materials, such as UV ink. To avoid these, we mixed small amounts in several batches.
Our work often relied on skilled workers’ experience or intuition. However, as their techniques were difficult to learn, we found it difficult to maintain product quality.
This was a huge challenge as quality requirements were increasing with a growing number of orders from leading companies.
To create color samples, it was necessary to blend generous amounts of materials so that there would be no lack of colors in the middle of manufacturing. We disposed of surplus material, so a considerable amount of material was wasted.
In addition, mixers and containers had to be cleaned at each mixing, and this was a huge burden on workers and adversely affected efficiency.
This is why we were looking for an efficient and stable mixing method.

The solution? Thinky!

Rely on mixers instead of intuition and experience

The planetary centrifugal THINKY MIXER was recommended to us by a material manufacturer who claimed that it could mix materials only by centrifugal force.
Although we had doubts, we tried it out, and found that it was able to easily and evenly mix inks of multiple colors. No bubbles were generated in high-viscosity UV ink. In addition, it allowed multiple workers to perform uniform blending in the same manner, solving the problem of maintaining product quality. Therefore, we decided to purchase THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum).
THINKY MIXER ARE-310 allows us to use disposable containers or paper cups, so now we can spend more time on blending instead of cleaning machines.
We are very satisfied that it can produce ideal results in terms of both product quality maintenance and efficiency.

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Thinky Mixer Examples