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Nanoparticle production with reduced cost and time

User’s dilemma: Case

Dispersion of expensive drug candidate compounds

We prepare many kinds of samples from drug candidate compounds, and analyze toxicity.
As we use many expensive compounds, it is ideal that we prepare samples using a small amount of compound and analyze them without increasing cost.

However, due to specifications of the equipment we used, we needed to process at least 1 kg of compound at a time to properly pulverize the compound, so we had a cost problem.
In addition, as many drug candidate compounds are insoluble, we needed to pulverize them with a pulverizer and to disperse them in water, and this process sometimes took 10 hours.
We needed to fundamentally review the sample preparation cost and introduce more rapid methods of analysis.

The solution? Thinky!

The amount of compound used is markedly reduced to 1/10,000!

We were looking for pulverizers that can process as small an amount of compound as possible. We collected information at exhibitions and borrowed demonstration machines from multiple companies. We evaluated the machines by using several compounds, and compared and examined the results.
We decided to introduce THINKY Corporation’s planetary centrifugal nano-pulverizer NP-100, which was one of the demonstration machines. This is because it can pulverize compounds weighing 100 mg or less.

The introduction of NP-100 has reduced the amount of drug candidate compound used for sample preparation to 1/1000, compared to before. Moreover, pulverization time, which once took 8 to 10 hours, has been surprisingly reduced to only two minutes.
Moreover, it has facilitated separation of the sample and the pulverization media after pulverization, thereby markedly reducing both cost and time.

As NP-100 has a cooling feature, it ensures more stable pulverization of drug candidate compounds whose properties could change due to heat generation during pulverization.

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Thinky Mixer Examples