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Changes in material properties during mixing are eliminated, resulting in work being completed in minutes.

User’s dilemma: Case

We encountered such issues as burdensome defoaming process, voids, and changes in material properties

Silver paste is used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.
Silver paste needs to be mixed sufficiently before use because the silver particles sediment easily. Moreover, to maintain the printing quality of silver paste, it is necessary to prevent as many air bubbles as possible from forming during the manufacturing process. Therefore, we used to defoam the material by vacuum decompression for about 30 minutes after manual mixing.
However, voids were formed when the defoamed material was used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Our investigation revealed that most solvents contained in the material vaporized during defoaming by vacuum decompression. Since then, we have been looking for a defoaming method that does not change material properties.

The solution? Thinky!

Mixing and deaeration completed in a few minutes, with voids reduced.

We chanced upon THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum) at an exhibition.
This was our first time to see a machine capable of both mixing and deaeration without vacuum decompression. We thought that this mixer could deaerate material without changing its properties, and requested a demonstration immediately. We compared it with a conventional system for manual mixing and vacuum defoaming, and the results far exceeded our imagination!

Easy-to-sediment silver particles were well dispersed, and this has given us more confidence in reducing voids. In addition, work burden was greatly reduced. Work that usually took 30 minutes was completed in only a few minutes. The need for full-time observation was eliminated, giving us more time to do other work, thereby increasing efficiency.

With THINKY MIXER ARE-310, we need not worry about changes in material properties any longer, and it has contributed greatly to reducing voids in the manufacturing process. THINKY MIXER ARE-310 has solved our problems, and we are very satisfied with it.

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Thinky Mixer Examples