High-accuracy defoaming of liquid agent in barrel containers

User’s dilemma: Case

Issues with even application of lubricant, etc.

We assemble automotive components. In order to protect machined metal surfaces or joints, we put lubricants such as grease or sealant into barrel containers and apply them using cartridge dispensers.

In this process, there was a liquid agent that we could not apply evenly. We thought this was because of thixotropy of the liquid agent and the generation of bubbles. We needed to solve this problem.
This liquid agent was particularly expensive among the materials we used, and variations in the amount applied had increased cost.

The solution? Thinky!

Production efficiency is improved by a formerly used THINKY MIXER and newly introduced equipment

When we were looking for solution, a THINKY MIXER that we once used at our laboratory was brought to mind.
We visited THINKY Corporation’s official website, hoping that we would be able to use the defoaming capability of that planetary centrifugal mixer in barrel containers. We thought that as the machine we had used at the laboratory was small, it could not be used in long barrel containers. However, we found that there was a larger product in the THINKY series, so we consulted the company.

We were told that small-sized THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum) is available for 100 ml barrel containers and middle-sized THINKY MIXER ARE-500 (non-vacuum) and larger models are available for 170 ml barrel containers. We decided to borrow 100 ml barrel container adaptors for use in small machines, to carry out a demonstration with the machine at our laboratory.

The demonstration results indicated that thixotropic liquid agents exhibited fluidity ideal for even application, and could be deaerated.
After that, we received support from THINKY’s technical staff and introduced THINKY MIXER ARV-930TWIN (vacuum), which was able to defoam two 170 ml barrel containers at the same time. It has greatly improved production efficiency, and is very helpful in terms of cost.

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