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Combination with peripheral equipment solves machine problems

User’s dilemma: Case

Reuse of a ten-year-old THINKY MIXER for a different purpose

We manufacture and sell resin used for heat insulation materials.
We have been using our THINKY MIXER AR-250 (non-vacuum) for mixing and deaeration, which are part of the resin manufacturing process, almost every day for more than ten years.

Recently, we needed to use it in the manufacture of a different high-viscosity resin, so we tested it internally.
However, the resin caused large vibrations as compared with conventional materials, and the mixer’s motor often overheated. Unable to solve these problems, we contacted THINKY Corporation’s customer service section.

The solution? Thinky!

Excellent after-purchase services including overhaul and recipe proposal for new material

We were told that ten years had passed since the sale of THINKY MIXER AR-250 (non-vacuum) ended, that inspection and repair services were available, and that vibration and overheating were probably caused by the high viscosity or the high relative density of the material.
We requested an inspection of our THINKY MIXER AR-250 (non-vacuum), and were offered help with the development of a new recipe for the new material. After expressing our interest in trying out a new model for the future, the company offered to lend us THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum), a successor model to AR-250.

We were told that the new model THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum) is far superior in terms of vibration resistance. However, we were cautioned that as the viscosity of the new material was considerably high, load on the motor would be unavoidable, and this could cause overheating even in the new model.
Therefore, the company recommended Ens-10, a dedicated heat exhausting table for planetary centrifugal mixers, to be used in combination to prevent retention of motor heat in the machine.

In the demonstration, evaluations were carried out under multiple material conditions. We noticed that operating noise and vibration were minimized. We found significant improvements from our existing machine. In addition, the air cooling effect was greater than expected.
To mix the new material, we introduced the two products, the latest THINKY MIXER ARE-310 (non-vacuum) and Ens-10, both of which were used in the demonstration. We also had our AR-250 overhauled and equipped with a cooling system. We were satisfied with the excellent after-purchase services.

*Some parts of AR-250 are unavailable. Therefore, please note that we may not be able to offer repair service depending on the part to be repaired.

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Thinky Mixer Examples